Monday, December 1, 2008

Oh, the weather outside is frightful

But the fire is so delightful,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

Now its really feeling like the season is upon us!
Lots of snow today.
Once the old Thanksgiving turkey carcass is thrown out
the door, its time to think of Christmas.
I love this time of year. I love the lights, the trees,
pulling out my Christmas decorations.
I love going to Church and listening about
the birth of Christ...I'll never be tired of that story.
Hanging of the greens, the beautiful songs.
I love that warm feeling in my chest and the tears
I get in my eyes when I hear "Oh, Holy Night" or "Ave Maria".
I love the parties, getting together with my friends and family.
Is that enough mush for you guys?
I'm feeling warm and fuzzy here...
Tell me what you love best about the Christmas season.
I have a beautiful dove ornament, made par moi,
and I want to give it away. Its very three dimensional,
made from felt, hand sewn and stuffed.

I'll randomly draw a name on Saturday. Merry Christmas, to all!


  1. My favorite part of Christmas is being able to spend it with my family. This year will be the best Christmas ever!

  2. My most favorite part of Christmas is the looks on my niece and nephew's faces when they open their "most favorite" gifts! It's just the best feeling.

  3. As the rest of my family lives where the weather is frightful, Christmas is usually spent quietly with my husband and four-legged girl so currently my favorite thing about Christmas is watching my pup open her own gifts! Seriously, she does :) (of course we've created a monster who thinks it's Christmas any time tissue paper is present!)

  4. I'm like you with a laundry list of favorites.

    I think my favorite is getting a real Christmas tree and decorating it in a different theme each year. I love the smell of the pine and turning off all the lights at night and staring at the tree, makes me feel like a kid a again.

    Of course that doesn't compare to spending time at home during Christmas.

    Love the dove!!!!

  5. What a lovely ornament. My favorite part of Christmas is that everyone has a little extra time to spend with each other.

  6. I have a new favorite this year! We just got a new house and seeing my husband be so excited about putting out decorations and lights on the house for our children to see is just the best.

  7. My favorite part of Christmas is making wreaths for our friends and family out of greens from our yard. A cold, time consuming project, but a labor of love. In fact your dove would look really nice on the one we put up next to the front door! Very generous of you to do the givaway!

  8. Lovely ornament! My favorite part of Christmas is..... THE FOOD!!! The cookies, the turkey, the ham, the cookies and did I mention the cookies? :)

  9. Mom said that would make a mighty nice Christmas present. She wanted to sign your blog doesn't have a gmail account. (typed while talking to Mom)

  10. You've gotten a lot more snow than my neck of the woods. Love the dove!!

    My favorite part of Christmas will be staying in pajamas all day with Alan and the dogs!!