Tuesday, December 2, 2008

And the winner is...

Melissa at Chinook Jewelry had a give away over the
Thanksgiving weekend. It was for a beautiful pair of
earrings. Her blond buddy helped with the drawing.

And looky there. Its my name that came out
of the box! Thanks Melissa! Give that girl a big
hug for me. See dog's know...haha!

These are the earrings I get. In one
of my favorite colors from Melissa's store.
Thanks again, I'm really excited.
And speaking of give aways. Don't forget to
leave a message in my first Dec. post for that
felt dove. She's a beauty up close! Just tell what
you love best about the Christmas season.


  1. Rosanne congratulations on being the winner. Those earrings are so beautiful.

  2. As the contest winner I decided to "tag" you as well! The rules are in my last blog post :)