Friday, November 28, 2008

The color of Christmas

Not the best looking picture, red is a hard color to capture. But I
stopped at my favorite bead store before shopping today. I was
looking for something red and I found the perfect beads. Cinnabar
in dark red with black lacquer over them. They just called my name
as I was walking out the door. Before that I picked out some seed beads
in Christmas like colors. I couldn't help it, I needed more beads like a
hole in the head...but I was driving by there on the way to where I was
Got my bobbin winder for half price and saved a bunch on some
material. Bought white felt for ornaments and flannel for fun. All day
I kept thinking it was Saturday. Such a nice surprise to realize that
it isn't.
Don't forget there's lots of shopping at Etsy, that you can do too.
Humblebeads has some specials, free shipping and an ornament for
orders over fifty. PrimOriginals has free shipping. Bitofwhimsys has
ten dollars off her dolls, that's a great deal. Lorelei is having a sale...
Just go check it out, I'm sure there's something for everyone


  1. Was that Trade Winds you stopped at?
    I bought yarn today. It was a crazy shopping day in our part of the country.

  2. Tradewinds it was and I told Liz I would be bringing you by in Dec. Mom and I went to BH, but it wasn't too crazy. Got my bobbin winder half price at JoAnn's. There was no one in SH except at Wally World. It was packed out as usual.