Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday Fun

Having a fun kind of Saturday night. Went to
the opening of the new Michael's today. it was
pretty crowded in there, but I managed to find a
couple of treasures, not of the beady kind. Then
we hopped over to JoAnn's and I got a couple of
new magazines....Bead Unique (that's a good one
to get). But the one I liked best was Living Crafts.
It's packed full of all kinds of fiber fun. A really
cute set of knitted acorns and leaves that you felt.
Nicky Epstein created the pattern, she has a lot of
great books on knitting and embellishing your knits.
I have a book or two myself. Then there are a couple
of needle felted cuties...a hedgehog for one, that is
almost as cute as Humblebead's hedgies. Lots of
cute children's hats. What I thought was really great
was a section they had called FiberWorks. It lists a
lot of places to get your wool to work with. And one
page was dedicated to my favorite yarn and wool shop;
Mar-Haven Wool Farms. Barb has a great shop and
her own line of wool yarn. She's a really sweet person
to visit with and willing to help you if you need it. With
all those fiber ideas, I think I'm gonna put my beads to
the side for a bit and go back to the thing I really love.
I have a sweater to finish and blankets to make, not to
mention the stuffies I want to get done before Christmas.
I better get my rear in gear or I'll never make it.
So I'm leaving you with this fun little video I found. Thanks
Bev for helping me figure it out, but I really have to thank
Lorelei too. She posted directions to a friend one time and
I remembered to look for thanks Bev and Lorelei!

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  1. Thanks for the comment about our shop and the article that included us. It is neat that Living Crafts used one of our farm pictures on their website for the Resource Directory.