Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hummingbird Feathers

The winds are blowing leaves all over the place today.
At least its not raining yet, but I think its coming.
Won't be long and the trees will be bare.
The other day Geary found a hummingbird feather
in the garage. Once in a while over the course of
the summer, one of those crazy little fellows ends
up in the garage. They are so hard to catch and so
easily damaged if you aren't careful.
We usually just leave the garage door open and
eventually they escape. Once, one hit the front window
so hard it bent his little beak. It looked like a
witch's nose! But he finally got up and flew away.
I hope his nose straightened out. small is
a hummingbird's feather?
Well I took a picture to give you some idea...its really small.
Not as colorful as the little birds themselves, but who knows
what part of the body this fell off of? I don't have a clue :^)