Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Last of the Halloween Treats

This is my Aunt Dixie. Talent runs in family and she is proof of
that. She's a knitter and quilter and loves all kinds of decorating
crafty stuff.

She made this wreath out of different 1/4 yard Halloween themed
materials that she cut with pinking shears. Cut 9 x 9 squares from
the quarters. Then you put a Tootsie Roll Pop in the center and tie
with yarn or raffia...whatever you prefer. Using a wreath
(grapevine, straw, wire)...Dixie used grapevine.
You just stick them in the wreath, arrange the colors the way you
like and there you have it! Add a pretty bow. A perfect party
decoration for the little kiddies! Its edible if you want to tell them.

Or you can just hang it on your door and stash it away for the next
Halloween. I thought it was great and so very colorful...just the
way I like things. I should say Dix didn't come up with the idea on
her own, she said she found it in a magazine...one of the Women
ones that I never read. I did take a sucker out of it. You just
rearrange the suckers so people won't see the holes...
Shusssh don't tell Dixie!


  1. Happy Halloween. Tell Aunt Dixie I love her wreath!

  2. You betcha! We been eaten the suckers off the thing. They make a new tootsie pop called pomegranate...really good stuff!