Monday, August 11, 2008

It's Michigan Fiber Festival Week!

Don't forget the Fiber Festival in Allegan this weekend! I'm not
taking classes, but I do intend to look around this weekend. It's
one of the weekend I treasure the most. It gets my juices going
for the feel of fiber in my hands. I have plans for knitting my first
sweater (for a new baby), I'm working on a project with Liz from
primoriginals...I'm not saying what that is till I'm ready to get
started, but its gonna be fun and I am so ready to feel wool...hint,
hint. If you like primitive works go check out her Etsy store.
I have a hard time picking my favorite pieces.
Back to the Festival, I believe I saw Tari Sasser's name, from
Creative Impressions in Clay as a vendor. I hope so, cause
I want to check out her scissors tips and stitch markers.
I've we're lucky we'll have as beautiful weekend as we had for
the Blueberry Festival.
I'm loving the low 70's and no fresh and stimulating.

Last years purchases from Tari.
Last, but for sure not least, its Heather's Birthday today...say
Happy Birthday to her if you know her.


  1. Unfortunately, I am unable to be at the show. I had surgery several weeks ago and I'm not allowed to lift. Setting up a show requires lots of lifting.
    My CEO(Carries Everything Out and in), who is my husband, can't make it. He is a teacher and his school starts early this year.
    I am very disappointed to not be there this year. Hopefully next year. I really enjoy this show along with being in Michigan in August.

  2. Tari,sorry to hear that you had to have surgery. I'm sending you wishes for a speedy recovery! Bev
    and I know how much work it is to
    set up a show. Things got heavier every year! For sure I will look for you next year, if you can make it. Take care.

  3. ahh, thanks Rosanne!

    oh fiber festival, I knew I should have stayed longer. oh well. we have a bead show this weekend, so good times all around. I was looking at some homespun yarn today thinking of Susie's shawl. but then I thought, when the heck do I have time to knit!


  4. I would say if you had weekend sales like the last one you wouldn't even have time to sleep!
    How crazy was that? Maybe next year you can stay for Fiber really is a treat for the senses.

  5. Heather, we can get a tent next to each other! How cool would that be!
    Start planning now.
    Rosanne, let me know how the show is this year.

  6. Working vacations...there you go Heather! I got the tent and tables. You bring your displays and your beads.
    Wahoo, then you'll have to stay for the Arts and Crafts over Labor Day. Looks like homeschooling for the girls next fall..hahaha.
    Sounds like a lot of work to me.
    I'm taking my camera Saturday Tari, so you can see what you missed.

  7. Have fun at Fiber Fest. I can't wait to see what goodies you find. You have a great eye for finding the best beads!

  8. I think we can all find beads no matter what kind of event we are at! I'm just gonna go and enjoy the day. If a treasure jumps out at me, I just might have to get it.