Monday, August 4, 2008

SHUT UP! Its already August!

Where in the world has the summer gone too?
It was just the Fourth if July not too long ago.
I was outside looking at my plants and I noticed
they looked a little tired and stressed out. Winding
down already. The tops of the maple trees in the back
yard are already showing colors of yellow and orange.
Of all the seasons, I find autumn a strange melancholy
mix of emotions....glad the heat is going away, but sad
that the cold weather is coming. But then, I love the autumn
holidays, my favorites are Halloween and Thanksgiving.
Boo Hoo what a baby! Enough of that...I can't hardly stand
myself. I think I'm still recovering from spending time in the
hospital and having the reaction to the antibiotics, from
which I am still scratching at. I feel like a dawg with fleas.
And from the the looks of it the fleas have won.
On a lighter note I see my favorite Nephew-n-law (Jess)
Has put more items in his Etsy shop. Poetry for Skeptics.
My favorite is the Angels and Saints.

And Heather is adding more fun pendants too.
We made some great molds while she was home and
she has put them up in her shop too. Take a look...

I actually own the coin that we made the owl mold
from. Got it about ten years ago at a coin/jewelry shop
in Georgetown, Grand Cayman. Its Greek about 200 BC.
I keep it in the its nice to see it in clay and

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  1. Yes it is August. Another 6 weeks and we can turn down the AC in the south. Hey you take care sister. Hospitals and drug reactions sure can wear a person down. I am so glad you have the owl coin. It sure made for a great bead!