Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Parting Shots

Today we put Heather and the girls on their bird
to San Antonio. Now there's just this big hole left
in my day that used to be spent having fun. It was
almost like I was on vacation too. That time just flew
by. I think we managed to do all the fun stuff we could.
Here's some parting shots of what we did this week....
Getting ready to pick our blueberries. I think we ended up with 40
pounds. Blueberry Cobbler for dessert that night. And Heather made
it herself (I thought she couldn't Mine are in the freezer.
Sailing on Lake Michigan. Friends Good Will is way too cool. It was
an interactive kind of cruise too. They had just about everyone that
was able pull ropes, hoist the sails and turn the ship about.
We couldn't have asked for a better day. High 70's, slight breeze and
lots of sunshine. That's the crew below....
I think my Mom is gonna miss the noise too. But I think there are
plans for Christmas. Only I'm not gonna wish that one to hurry up.
Last, but not least is a picture of my bedroom all cleaned up...I have
Melanie to thank for that. My friends and family know what I mean.
I didn't do a before picture because its too embarrassing.


  1. What a great vacation you shared with Heather and the girls. Your room looks beautiful. Can I come stay at your house for a few days next year?

  2. Anytime you want, you can come and stay! I'm keeping that room clean if it kills me.

  3. what great photos! I still haven't looked at the ones on the disk. I had such a great time, thanks for hanging out with me and doing all the fun beady and south haveny stuff!