Monday, July 28, 2008

Friends Good Will, A sailing we will go!

Big fun day for us. We booked a ride on the Friends Good Will
ship, sailing at 3 pm this afternoon. I am so excited and so are
Heather and the girls. Taking my Dramamine as soon as I can
so I don't get dizzy and fall of the ship. With my luck, anything is possible....
I'm bringing my camera to take lots of pictures! Not many days
left and Heather has to go home. It will leave a big empty gap in
our days when she does.
But I'm not gonna dwell on that now, we have better things to do.
Last night we made molds and beads. Some of the coolest stuff.
We used antique spoons and ancient coins. Now everything I look
has a whole different meaning, any possibilities for molds?
Its really addicting. We are gonna finish them tonight...

The Friends Good Will is a replica of an 1810 square topsail sloop,
commissioned by and built for the Michigan Maritime Museum in 2004.

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