Friday, July 25, 2008

What the Heck?

One minute I was having the time of my life (ok,
maybe not that And the next minute
I'm laying in the hospital being used like a pin cushion
and dragging around an IV. I had a spot on my leg
that decided it wanted to turn into a Staph infection.
So last Friday I was put into the hospital and didn't
get out till Tuesday morning. Missed my niece's wedding,
reception, and an all girl sleep-over (I love those nights).
Only saw my sister once before she went back to
New Orleans, what a bummer.

On the brighter side though, I haven't had to work all week.
I had a guest for a couple of nights (Heather's long time
friend, and recently mine, Melanie from Earthenwood Studios).
She is such a sweet person. We all went bead shopping one
day together and they let me just hang out with their
creative minds whenever I could. We played with beads
and in the end I came out the winner, cause I have a pile
from the two of them that just makes you giddy to look at.
I swear I am gonna quit playing around and get my
projects done. But really those two ladies have
the mindset to keep their bead business going forever...
It's not a hobby that's for sure.
We do have some fun things planned before
Heather leaves, gonna pick our blueberries,
picnic at Sue's, sail on a tall ship. Heather will need
another vacation just to rest up from this one!


  1. Oh my gosh!! Look at all those beads. I am glad you had a good visit with the girls. I can't wait to read about the how the rest of the weekend goes.
    Miss you-Love Bev

  2. ouch
    I had the same thing many years ago and it spread down to my foot and I was lucky I didn't loose the leg. Good thing they caught it before it got worst. Sorry you had to miss the things that were going on outside the hospital but your better and that is what counts


  3. I know, I wasn't taking it as seriously as I should have. Its really a scarey thing and I guess
    people are dealing with infections more and more. I know I will be more careful in the future.
    There were lots of pictures taken so I could share the fun.