Thursday, July 3, 2008

By the Fourth of July

Look at my garden! I've already got green beans, zucchinis, tomatoes,
eggplants and summer squash just ripening in the sun. Love my
Earthboxes, everything is self contained, just plant, water and
watch them grow. No weeds to pull, no critters eating my stuff
(too close to the house and the dog).
Its amazing to me that June is over and the Fourth of July is here.
Got plans to watch the parade in town, fireworks in Saugatuck and
an Art Show in the park.
Pretty much a full weekend of fun and sun. We had the biggest storms
yesterday. Lots of wind damage east of us, torrential rain, flooding,
all the things that come with summer storms.
I'm also getting myself geared up for the beginning of VBS.
I hope I survive it...I'll let you know. So far its taking up a lot
more time than I thought it would. But how can you do a reasonable
craft in under 15 minutes? It takes me that long to get started!
Have a safe and happy holiday!


  1. Mom and I are wishing you happy 4th of July!! We are goin go to stay out of the heat.
    Have fun with VBS. I know the kids will have a blast.

  2. Back at you two! It feels like a Friday. Stay cool....