Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturdays are all Right!

We made it to the quilt show today. For a local show, it was well
organized and the quilts on display were absolutely gorgeous. I spent
most of my time looking at them and little time taking pictures.
Oh well, good intentions.

I did find some cute fat quarters. I especially like the reproduction
prints that they are coming out with now. So 30's and 40's...not that
I remember those times, cause I wasn't born yet! But you know what
I mean. One of these days before I'm crippled with arthritis or blind as
a bat I am gonna make a quilt. They had an event that they called a
"bed turning" which was really a showing of people's antique quilts.
There was one documented that was cut in the 1860's and pieced in the
1930's and by the time it was quilted it was in the 1950's...took almost
100 years to get it finished. So there you go...I might can cut it out and
if I never get it finished maybe one of my descendants will finish the
project for me. You never know......
So anyway after I came home and dropped my Aunt off I decided to go
to the grocery store. As I was leaving I saw these two women getting
ready to leave the store with these balloons filled with helium.
There were about 25 in each bundle and they had a big plastic bag
over the top of them. I got to my car first and I sat and watched the
ladies trying to get the balloons in the car. It wouldn't have been so bad,
but a front had gone through and the wind was blowing about 15 to 20
miles an hour. I watched as the wind whipped those balloons into
a frenzy, but I had the presence of mind to snap a couple pictures:

I bet they were glad to get those home. Good luck ladies....I hope
you weren't planning on having an outdoor party, cause I don't think
these will be around long if you do!


  1. Looks like it was great day for a quilt show. I like the reproduction prints also. How you doing with your sewing. Have you started yet?
    Those balloons are so funny!

  2. I'm so busy gathering up stuff for the VBE kids craft...there's not much time for anything else. I've got stuff cut out and ready to go.
    Just need time.