Friday, November 2, 2007

Just a reminder to myself!

Can you believe its November already? Last night we
got our first really hard frost. For the first time in
months I haven't broken out in a sweat
(that m-pause thing). The leaves are almost off
all the trees and Geary said he's mowed the lawn for
the last time. It gets pretty chilly at night but I'm not
turning on the furnace yet. Geary's fantasy is one that
we get to move to an island for the winter.
( What?...I thought I was his fantasy)
Not sure when that one will happen. Bailey is just happy
doing whatever. She really likes the snow.
Chews on the mounds of snow, sticks her face right
in the soft stuff and comes up with balls all
stuck to her beard. I took this picture few years ago.
It made it on TV during the weather,
so she's had her 15 seconds of fame.
People even asked me if it was my dog they saw.
What I'm saying is that getting colder all the time.

This was what winter looked like last year. Just a
reminder for myself. That's why we are taking a
trip to Las Vegas, that and we always have a good time
there. Warm sunshiny weather and a visit with my daughter.
We haven't seen each other for a few years.
Its gonna be a fun time! Later....
I want to finish a necklace to wear, a good luck charm,

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