Monday, November 12, 2007

Sensory Overload

We are back at home from a week in Las Vegas.
What a crazy place it is out there. I get really out
of whack with the three hour time difference.
(I feel like that statue, no head, no arms, floating)
I'm always looking at my watch and thinking,
shoot its only 2:30 in the morning, then I realize
at home its after 5:30. Six days of that is all
I can handle. But we saw some really great shows;
Blue Man Group, The Phantom of the Opera
(and was that ever GREAT). Cirque de Soliel's KA
for the third time, but its always amazing to me.
This time we sat next to a gentleman who works
for Cirque, he's a Design Engineer. Very interesting
person to talk to. We also went to see
Bodies: The Exhibition at the Tropicana.
I highly recommend it for everyone to see.
There's more than one exhibit that travels around.

Our daughter Nicole, who moved out there 5
month's ago fixed us a wonderful dinner one
night. That was the first apartment that I'd
ever been to of hers since she moved away
for college. Pretty weird when you think about it.
She's got a really nice guy, Alfredo, who we met
for the first time and absolutely fell in love with.
So now its back to reality....

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