Friday, February 5, 2010

Bead Cruise 2010

On my list of Bead Cruises, BC 2010 has to be the number
one best cruise ever. Heather has totally got the planning
part down. This years group might have been just a bit
smaller than previous years, but it didn't lack in anything.
The ladies were absolutely the funniest and sweetest yet.
Our teachers were very talented, and just as much fun to
be around outside of the classrooms. Our days were filled
with beading, hanging out with the other cruisers and in the
evening we were shopping with Bella Modo...who I must say
has the biggest line of Swarvoski crystals, Vintaj brass and
anything else you could have wanted. Pam and Belinda were
so very sweet, and Belinda was the most knowledgeable
person I've ever seen when it comes to Swarvoski.

Our second stop on the cruise. St. Thomas Island.

A view of our ship from across the bay.
Next stop was St. Maarten. There's a French side and a
Dutch side of the island. Anywhere you wanted to be still
had beautiful beaches and clear blue water. Warm sunny
days and gentle breezes. There is nothing wrong with
wanting to live on an island.
Tomorrow I will post some more about the Cruise.
I have lots of pictures and things to talk about.


  1. looks wonderful - I cannot believe how big that ship is.

  2. Jean and we walked up and down the length of that ship at least twice a day.

    Rosanne great post about the beadcruise. I can't wait to see the rest of your pictures

  3. Oh we did these islands a few years back. Your photos bring back such lovley memories.

    I look forward to seeing the rest of your pics.

  4. Nice to hear from you and glad to hear you had a great cruise. I want to know more about it.
    BTW, how is your tatoo?

  5. The blues in these photos are so beautiful. I am happy you had such a good time.

  6. It was just a wonderful cruise all the way around. Renate, I painted my toenails the shade of pink in the tat. Its still looking good. I've planned another one! Leah, thanks for the beautiful pendant we got as part of our bag of goodies. So very generous of you and appreciated by all.

  7. Wonderful photos. Looking at them is such a pleasure. Great story about the bead shop. We are indeed lucky here. I had no idea the ship was sooo big.

  8. love the photos! We could have spent another week on that cruise and I still would not have been ready to go home.