Monday, December 7, 2009

Begin the Beguine...or Starting Again

Begin the Beguine is a 1982 Spanish film about a man who
returns to his homeland after many years. Its original Spanish
title is Volver a empezar, which means Starting Again;
the English language title refers to the song "Begin the Beguine"
by Cole Porter.

Starting again....
Well that's me in a nutshell. Where did this last month go?
I feel like such a slacker, but I know I've been busy doing
things, they just didn't include blogging. I really blame it on
FaceBook. It seems I do spend way to much time hanging out
there. Shame on me...

So I'm just gonna pick up and carry on like today is the first day.
Last month one of my favorite bead artists, Kristie Roeder of
Artisan Clay was having a contest/sale anticipating her 300th
sale on Etsy. Kristie was giving away all kinds of neat things...
for every piece you bought you got a copper raku piece for free.
For the 300th sale (that was me)there was a surprise and
for the one who spent the most money ( But I didn't
spend that much) there was another.
And then she packaged everything up and stuck a beautiful
button on top. Well, I made out like a bandit and it felt like
Christmas at my house when I was opening everything up.
Thanks Kristie! I love it all!

My purchases above. See the beautiful button in the center?
I got one of her grab bags with tons of beads in it.

Kristie's beautiful copper beads. There were two donuts, but
one went home to New Orleans with Beverly. I'm sure she'll
do something fantastic with it. She said she'd whip me up
something using the heart...I better get the beads together
soon, maybe I can wear it on the Bead Cruise? Huh? Bev?

This was part of the give away. A surprise for me, and this
is a beautiful necklace. I love wearing it!

Another great part of the give away for being the 300th
customer. This is HUGE...when Krisitie said she was giving
a box away, I thought "ok, what a cute little trinket box this
will be". It is so kewl! 6 x 6 inches and I love it!
So Kristie, my apologies for taking so long. And a great big
THANKS for all the great gifts. I love the copper beads so
much I think I am gonna horde them for a while.


  1. Fantastic treasures - both purchased and won!! I love her work too.

  2. Lucky me I got to see all those beautiful things in person. The box is amazing along with the beads. Yep you better hurry up and send the beads for me to crochet so you can wear your heart pendant on the cruise. Time is flying 40 days from now we will be on the high seas!
    I am so happy you blogged!

  3. I love a good treasure that's for sure.
    Bev, I'm gathering them up tomorrow and sending them on their way. You know what I want! Thanks.

  4. Hey Rosanne, welcome back to the blogging world! I read an article the other day about Facebook - about a woman that fell asleep with her face on her laptop - giving Facebook a whole new meaning... LOL! Don't let the internet eat your time - it won't give it back!
    Love your treasures!

  5. WOW you did make out like a bandit - what a score. Congrats to you everything is wonderful - can't wait to see what you do with it all.

  6. Thanks Renate! That was a good laugh and a real reminder to get away from the computer. What a total waste of time and I'm not getting any younger!
    Yes...I was a big winner Jean... once in a while I get lucky.

  7. The copper pieces are to die for! Such rich coloring and variegation, I love them so much!