Saturday, August 1, 2009

My first Cheerio or how I make Aunt Rosanne Laugh

I am waiting so impatiently for this week to get
over. It was definitely not one of my better ones.
But my sister Beverly (NoEasyBeads) and her
husband Art will be here
Later on in the week my brother Chris and his
wife Jaimee and baby Dane will be here too...
double yahoo! I am really looking forward to seeing
everyone. We are gonna cookout and enjoy the
Blueberry Festival that's going on next week. If
that don't cheer me up a bit, nothing will. Well,
these pictures below have definitely made me
laugh when I felt like crying. Nothing like the
Danish to make you laugh. Enjoy!

What's this? A cheerio? Looks like kibble out
of Terra's Bowl. A special treat for me?

You want me to do what? Eat're
joking right?

If it was any smaller I might not be able to pick it
up at all.

All righty than, its in my mouth. Now what do I do?

I'm really not too sure about this. Its dry and hard,
sheesh, I have two bottom teeth, how am I suppose
to crunch this up?

Guess I have to gum it to goo.

You're kidding right? Bring on the mashed bananas,
something I can really get into. I could starve here.
Listen Mom and Pop, I am seriously not here for
your entertainment. But if it made Aunt Rosanne
laugh than I guess its ok.


  1. Rosanne that was too funny! We are going to feed that baby something else besides Cheerios!

  2. yeah no words to express my happiness on looking this conversation..

    so interesting blog..