Friday, August 14, 2009

I wanna be a helicopter pilot!

My goodness, its hard to believe that its been three weeks
since I last blogged. Or three weeks already since my
Bailey has been gone. Chris, Jaimee and Dane were here.
Bev and Art have come and gone home. Things are
kind of getting back to "normal". Last weekend while
everyone was here, we had a cookout. It was the hottest
weekend we had yet this summer, air so thick you needed
gills to breathe. I think the down south and out west
bunch brought the heat here to us. Thanks guys.
Take it back...Anyway on Sunday Amiee and Eric came
back to visit with Bev at my house. Eric is a helicopter pilot,
that's his business. So they flew the chopper down.
It was so cool!

Over the tree tops. Yes, our yard is big enough to land in.

Bev is there videoing it. We are such goofy geeks for stuff
like that. But hey, how many people land in your front yard?

Aimee's job is to jump out and keep anyone from running
toward the blades. That's self explanatory.....
Takes Eric a minute to shut everything down.
That's little Baylor, Eric's son. He's a funny young man
once you get him going.
We had a fun day and they left just ahead of some big
storms that were coming across the lake.
So this weekend is the Michigan Fiber Festival. I'm meeting
my nephew Ray and his family and we are gonna go look
at the critters and whatever else we can find.
Suppose to be another hot weekend. I really preferred the
cool summer we were having earlier. But I'll be taking
pictures and putting them up tomorrow. I plan on having
a great time!


  1. That was so much fun watching them land in your front yard. I had the best time at your house visiting with the kids!

  2. Those are fantastic pics of the helicopter landing in your yard. Wow!! What fun. I'm glad the sun is shining at last.

  3. Hey, I just want a ride in the helicopter. Someone else can 'drive.' And just what do the neighbors think of a helicopter landing in your front yard? That is just too cool.

  4. I'm thinking the neighbors were wondering if we've become someone! I noticed they were standing outside watching when they left. One of these days I'm gonna get a ride too. When it cools down cause it's about 110 inside that thing.

  5. Okay having a helicopter land in your yard is about the coolest thing ever!