Saturday, July 4, 2009

Its the 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Today's a day for parades and
families. Fireworks and cookouts. Cold beer ...yum!
It's warming up nicely around here with just a chance of
rain (between you and me, it looks like a good chance.)
Geary and I are going to a party on Donovan Lake.
A friend of ours plays in a band and we are gonna go and
hear him play. Everyone else is up north at the lake,
boating and watching fireworks. I love these holiday

Here's my display of fireworks. Heather and I had a little
clay play day. These are hot out of the oven and not quite
finished. Need some sanding and antiquing. But they are
gonna be nice when I'm done. In the next picture is a little
present from Heather, she was busy "hatching"!
Can you "spot" it? Ok, enough of the innuendos.

Next week we are playing with metals and etching.
We have bezels for resin. Heather found old books and I
have paper, stamps and ink. Wahoo....its gonna be great.
For next weekend we are planning on going to the
Renaissance Faire at Battle Creek. The theme for the
weekend is Believe the Magic, but darn, we don't have our
Faerie wings made! So we'll have to look like the regular
visitors. I have this idea for a costume that I would really
love to make and wear one of these days. I see it very clearly
in my mind. We'll take lots of pictures for sure. Its gonna be


  1. Wishing you a great 4th of July weekend. Love the look of your fireworks!!

  2. have fun! but you are at the wrong lake!!!
    we made homemade blueberry pies at this one.

    your beads turned out great.

  3. I am the one at the wrong lake. We will be hanging out by Lake Ponchatrain with our friends having a cook out for supper. I am hungry..and those beads look good enough to eat..they are great!

  4. What a little pile of fun. Those beads look great. Happy 4th. I'm not even close to a lake, let alone the wrong one!

  5. Love all of the beads you've been making! Hope all of that beadmaking is keeping you out of trouble :o)

  6. Thanks ladies, I had a very good day yesterday for the fourth. I'm finishing up the beads tonight.
    I would say I am keeping out of trouble. Katie...I want to see your beads in something...ok?