Sunday, July 5, 2009

Bambies and the Gardener Extraordinaire

This morning one of our resident does brought her twins
out to play by the pond. Its so much fun to watch them
frolicking around. They have pogo sticks for legs and
bounce all over the place. Its a peaceful feeling to look
out your front window and watch the wildlife.
Here's another strange but true story in my life. I like to
think of these events as messages for me. They don't
come as words, but the feelings I have when I discover
these things speak volumes. Life just feels better.
About ten years ago, my father passed away. He was the
gardener extraordinaire, everything he planted grew, and
he loved to plant roses. So that spring I thought I would
carry on the legacy and grow roses like my father. Me,
who up till that point hardly put anything in the ground.
For two years I planted rose bushes. I weeded, hoed,
watered, fertilized and for one year I got flowers. After
that first year everything went down
Finally I gave up and just left them alone...totally. The
grass that used to be pasture for my horses grew back
up and the roses disappeared. Or so I thought....
Yesterday Geary left this sweet little rose on the counter
for me. I asked him where he got it. "In your rose garden"
He said there were plants out there blooming. What?!?
Are you kidding?

So I grabbed the camera thinking this has got to be
documented if its true and marched outside to the
pasture. Sure enough, hidden in the grass were
blooming and growing rose bushes.
Hey Dad! Look at these will ya! I know they are
puny and need some help. So we'll see what happens from
here. Amazing!


  1. Truly amazing that those roses are back! What a lovely reminder of your father. Didn't you have daffodils or some sort of bulb do the same thing? Maybe yours is a garden that needs neglect? Oh how I would love to be a negectful gardner and have things thrive.

  2. Rosanne in my cleaning out of the closet today I found pictures of Dads and his memorial card. It was like he was telling me hi today too.
    The rose is beautiful!

  3. Rosanne, I was just about to ask if that view with the pond and the deer was your back yard... LOL - how silly, it is your front yard! What a lovely view! So lovely to hear about your roses - these must be determinded to spread some beauty!
    Have a lovely Monday! And thank you for your continued support!

  4. LeAnn-a negectful gardener, that sounds like a great title to a book and it could be me. I do seem to be able to grow containers of flowers. I have a corner on my front porch with hanging baskets and pots of plants.
    Beverly-that's exactly what I was saying! We seem to be pretty in tune with each other these last couple of days. Makes me feel much better.
    Renate-Yes, that is my front yard.
    The back yard usually has wild turkeys roaming around it. I'm going to clean up around the roses and see what happens.
    You all have a great day also, its an Etsy shop day for Heather and I, we are setting my shop up...
    wah hoo!

  5. I just lost my Dad in April and he, too, loved his roses and always worked so hard to take care of them. Thanks for sharing your little story - made me think of MY Dad.