Monday, June 15, 2009

Hip to be Square

Don't tell me that I'm crazy
Don't tell me I'm nowhere
Take it from me
Its hip to be square....
One of my favorite songs from Huey Lewis and the News.
And a bracelet using my favorite lamp work nugget beads
by BluHealer. Black matte glass rondells and silver beads
for spacers. Three square beads of Hill Tribe silver.
A square sterling clasp and a sterling charm
from Hip Chicks Beads that says "dreams".


  1. Nice bracelet but now I have that song stuck in my head...oh gheesh.

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  2. Sorry Jolene, that is kind of an evil thing to do, isn't it? I hate when I get songs stuck like that, usually happens to me at the grocery store.

  3. I'm right with Jolene...Every time I see your post, I get the song stuck in my head...

    But, it's a cute bracelet :o)

  4. Wow! I love what you did with them!
    And I remember that song too....

  5. Love the bracelet, very nice combination!
    "here, there, and everywhere..."

  6. Thank you everyone. I appriciate the time you take to comment on my pieces. You make my day much brighter.

  7. You are hip sister and your bracelet is wonderful! I love the colors in it.