Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday's Fabulous Finds

Okay, I admit it. I had a little pity party going on last week.
Even though I had my own special fun in Arizona, I still felt
left out from the Bead and Button Show. Once you've been
to one, its hard to not go every year. So before I left, I did
a little shopping of my own. Got some great things to show
you and in reality I saved my credit card from exploding.
So here are my fabulous finds:

Beautiful buttons, pendants and a connector from
Summer Studios.

Pendants from Chinook Jewelry. Love the color on that
dragonfly. And Mellisa is making me a special mermaid too.

A special treat to me from Stone Studios. Are these not
the coolest? I will never look at beach rocks the same again.

Of course I had to have some more of Bluhealer's great
beads. I just love the colors and those aqua nuggets are
to die for. The softest shade and shape. I carried them in
my pocket for a while, just so I could hold them and look
at them.

Another special find, this time on Ebay. 3 Angel's Glass Art.
Nice petite spacers and just enough color for interest.
I love the coffee colored ones. I have some Humblebeads
and Round Rabbit coming too.
Not too shabby shopping, and it was fun opening the
packages up when I got home. Now I have to clean my
bead room so I can get something done. That's my
project for the night.


  1. Look at all those goodies! It's such a colorful mix of things. I'm sure you'll turn them into beautiful things.

  2. What a nice little shopping trip! I have some goodies on the way, too...Not so much because I was jealous of the B&B show folks, but I might use that as my excuse :o)

    Can't wait to see what you make with the goodies!

  3. I saw what you got coming from LeAnn this're the only KatieN I know! I can't wait to see what YOU do with them.

  4. Well I'm hapily waiting for both of you! You've both got the coral colour. I'm sensing a bit of summer fun.

  5. I want to come shopping at your house! Yep, mermaid is in the works and will soon be swimming her way to join all those other goodies :)

  6. Wow - you got some great stuff. I'm jealous!

  7. Hey can I come to your house go shopping *grin*. I just want to come to your house to visit. Those are some fabulous finds!

  8. Wow, what a fab collection!! I love those rocks - simply gorgeous (I can't walk on a beach without collecting stones...)!!
    so - you have secretly been fondling beads!! LOL You need to get into your bead room and seriously play! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  9. Yes, I am a bead fondler Renate!
    That's why it takes me so long to make things. I start dragging stuff out and pretty soon I mesmerized. Cleaning my room is gonna take alittle longer. I want ot organize it too. Wire in one place, clay in I can find what I want...lots of luck with that. Is that a self portrait of you? Really nice picture.
    Hurry up Beverly,we can go through my stuff when you get here.

  10. Wow, great finds! I have to say that those bluhealer beads just make my mouth water! I stared at them for a long time! I would love to fondle them for a long time too!

  11. I can't stop coming back to look at your goodies from Stone Studios...Is that someone local to you or do they have a website?

  12. Katie, just click on the name and it will take you to the shop. It's an Etsy storemand there are lots of cool rocks available.

  13. you know...I really DO know how to use the internet :o) I just didn't realize the link was there because it didn't look any different than the other words...some days the brain works better than others...

  14. Rosanne,
    yes, I do etch my own copper. Every etched piece - so also the piece on your bracelet. It is a little unpredictable still, but I love doing it.
    And no, the picture is not a self portrait. I could only wish to look like that!
    Now - stop fondling those beads and make something - I want to see some more of your work!!

  15. Katie...I knew you did know how to click...I should go back in and change the colors so they are seen easier. Everyone's monitor is different. I don't know what people see unless they tell me.

    Renate, I have the stuff to etch my own copper, I just haven't taken the time. That's on my list of things I need to do ;^) There are only so many hours in a day.
    I bet you are as beautiful as that picture is. Now...I'm off to play with my beads today...

  16. Looks like you managed to have some bead fun! Hope you get to come play at B&B next year.