Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Something wicked this way comes...

Something wicked fun that is! I am still
running around like a chicken with my head cut
off. But I have plans and things to show, only
not till after tonight. Most important thing for
me to do today is get my haircut. Yes, it takes
all day as I drive 150 miles round trip to get it
done. But Dorothy is good at what she does.
So stay tuned, I'll be back!


  1. Can't wait to hear about something wicked fun!

  2. Rosanne, if you drive that far to get your hair cut - then I would like to see the result. It must be amazing!

  3. Renate, yes, Dorothy is that good as Bev (No Easy Beads) can tell you. She is also a long time friend and a great photographer.
    I'll take some pictures of my haircut later. We are trying something different...growing it out a little longer.

  4. Know how you feel about a good hair cut...haven't found a good stylist in ages. I'd happily drive that distance to get a cut that didn't look like my 6 yr.old granddaughter cut it for me or that I had to fight with to get it (my hair) to look half-way nice ! :(

  5. Or a haircut that when you come home your husband says it looks like an old ladies haircut. I never have to say, oh it'll grow out and look better!