Friday, May 8, 2009

Now I can play...

Finished with the rummage sale today. Most everything
went out the door and the rest we took to the Mission for
them to sell. No one was sad to see it over, but they all
said they would be back in the fall...who could ask for more
than that?
Now I getting myself ready to go to Mackinaw Island for a
two day, one night field trip. Susan and I are chaperone's
for the senior trip to the Grand Hotel. It's the seniors from
the tech center. We are taking a chartered bus to Mackinaw
City where we will spend the night and the next day we are
going to Mackinaw Island and touring the Grand Hotel.
They are serving a luncheon for us, and then we will head
back home. This is gonna be so much fun, only thing wrong
will be the weather, as its going to be very cool (in the 50's).
Oh, we are getting a buggy ride too. I think it's taking us
to the hotel as there are no motorized vehicles on the island.
I am so excited!


  1. Don't forget to get fudge!! and have a great day

  2. Fudge for you Bev...can I freeze it I wonder, cause you know I'll eat it if I don't!

  3. I knew that hotel looked familiar! And glad to see another Michigander I can blog with! I'm in Lansing - have a bead shop here. If you're in South Haven, then you may know my friend Cindy of Just Bead It. Way cool. Small world. But HUGE world when it comes to the internet! I'll be following....

  4. I love roaming around the Lansing area, I even drive up on occassion to go to some of the bead shows. And I do visit Just Bead It, in fact I was just there today.
    There is another great bead store in this area Trade Winds in Watervliet.