Friday, May 15, 2009

Mackinac Island Review

I went through the pictures that I took from our trip
as chaperone's of 18 Juniors and Seniors. So with that
being said here is our trip (the short version). You can
see more pictures on my Flickr.

Here we are, two of the 6 chaperons. My sister Sue on the
left and me on the right.

Our group of young adults from the Tech Center.
Purpose of this trip was to explore the possibilities of
Hotel Management. It was really interesting to me, I had
more questions than the kids...

It was more about the horses by the time we got to the
island. Horses everywhere. Jennifer are these
Gypsy Vanners? They were beautiful. All I could smell
was horses everywhere we went. Much nicer that car and
diesel fumes. I know, you probably have to have been around
horses to know what I mean.

These were the guys that took us for our buggy tour
around the island. Hard working horses that's for sure.

One of the scenic areas we stopped at. It was a chilly, but
sunny day. Our wagon had blankets we huddled under.
The only flowers to see were some daffodil's. No leaves on
the trees at all. In fact we saw a pile of snow in the shade
of a tree.

Outside the Grand Hotel.

The second floor lobby where you could lounge. The
man who decorated wanted to bring the feel of the gardens
indoors. Lots of flowery colors, but not over powering.
We had a short talk from the hotel manager and then we
went in for the buffet luncheon. 80 feet of tables loaded
with the best food I have ever had.

Overlooking the town from the top of the Grand Hotel.

A quiet downtown street. It must get pretty crowded in
the summer.

If you didn't like to walk or ride horses. And if the wagons
didn't do it for you either, you could rent bicycles. There
are hundreds of them everywhere. Living on the Island
could be a healthy, if not expensive, way to go.
Speaking of healthy foods, look at all that fudge.
Fudge everywhere, any flavor you could want. I think I
bought 3 pounds of it. I don't care if I ever have fudge again!
Seems like every other store sells fudge. Their claim to fame.
Our favorite came from Jane's. Yummo!


  1. Great pictures! I my favorite picture is the one with my two sisters in it! Judging from you pictures and the story you told the trip was a sucess

  2. I have always wanted to go to Mackinac Island. It is like the place that time forgot. So gorgeous! THanks for sharing. Looks like a lot of fun!
    Enjoy the day!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun! I love that little scenic spot you found!

  4. And you lived to tell the tale! But I have to tell you, teenagers are some of my favorite people! There are way too much fun! My two are 23 and 24 -- not much older than teenagers -- and I enjoy every minute being with them.

  5. Great pictures! I think I saw a movie lately that was set on that island, can't remember what it was...
    The horses look like spotted drafts to me. Gypsy Vanners usually have more feathering (haris) on their legs and they are smaller too. The other breed is a percheron. They're gorgeous!

  6. I did have a great time with all the teen-agers. They took a little while to warm up to us. I like hanging with the younger ones. I learn all sorts of amazing things. Some are kind of
    Jennifer, the movie had Christohper Reeves and Jane Seymour and was called Somewhere in Time. Thanks for helping identify the horses, I know most of the breeds, the Gypsys were new to me and I wasn't sure about this pair. Now I know ;^)