Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get Excited

And that's exactly what I did when I opened my package
from my new BFF Renate. Back in April lots of people
from all around the world participated in a giveaway:
Get Excited and Make Things
It was a great way to meet a lot of fellow artists and jewelry
designers from all over and get a special made for you item.
Anyhoo, back to my bracelet...I love it!
In my favorite metal, copper, with a hand stamped plate
and green wire wrapped stones. A perfect fit too. It was
packaged in the sweetest flowered box. Thank you
so much Renate for sending me this beautiful gift.
I love it! XOXOX


  1. Isn't it though? I love it....

  2. what a wonderful gift. The bracelet is gorgeous!

  3. I am soooo glad you like it - it was a pleasure!!