Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Grandma's coming with who?

Did I hear that Grandma's coming next week
to see me again?

But who's that other person that's coming too?
Who's Aunt Rosanne?

Shall I dazzle her with my smile?

But what if she wants to kiss me and
squeeze me..oh no!

She'll see how big and strong I am...

And what a little angel I can be. I can't wait till they get here!


  1. Rosanne, that is one beautiful boy! I'd like to give him a little hug too.

  2. Isn't he the cutest? I'm gonna meet him for the first time next week. I can't hardly wait!

  3. Rosanne, make sure and give Dane kisses and hugs from Auntie Bev.
    I can't wait to see him this summer.

  4. He is so cutest! Give him a big squeeze! My nieces and nephew are too big to do that with now. My oldest niece is graduating from HS!

    Funky Monkey Girl

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