Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feeling Froggy

Would you believe this is the only picture out of 300 that I
managed to get to Adobe? It has been a wonderful, wild two
weeks and I am still trying to get myself together. Work wants
to punish me for leaving it alone for so long and I am playing
catch up there.
Lucky for me I did get to stay an extra day in New Orleans with
my sister due to fog and plane cancellations. I came home to
my little girl Bailey, Geary had picked her up from my sister's
house so I could have her home that night. He even gave her
a bath...first one in all her 8 years for him. She must have
thought her world was coming to an end!
I am also sitting in front of a beautiful full screen HD monitor.
Geary was so excited about getting it. I have to admit it is a
beautiful thing. Really it is great to be back home.
Going away is fun, but the coming home is always so
much better. I beleive my husband really missed me this time!
I am STILL rocking and rolling from the swells we had at sea.
I wonder when will it go away, or if it could be something else
like an inner ear problem. More than anything, it is an
annoying problem.
So over the weekend I will get through the pictures, put most
of them on my Flickr page, and share the special ones with
you all. I promise I won't be boring, cause you've probably
seen a lot of them on other blogs.
I just want to add another thing. Heather puts on the
BEST cruises ever...that girl makes them better every year.
This year was especially great with all the sponsors who sent
stuff for the gift bags. They were SO full of great goodies.
It was like Christmas in the Tropics.
I loved seeing my old friends and making new ones.
The teachers were spectacular, Mary Hettsmanberger's class
was very inspiring and loads of fun. I made the best clay beads
Heather's class. Not as good as hers but I don't want to be...its
more fun getting them from her!


  1. I am glad you got to spend an extra day with me in New Orleans. How does time fly by so fast? I know the bead cruise...the best time of the year!

  2. It was so fun meeting you Rosanne. I can't wait to see your pictures from the trip. It's always cool to see someone else's perspective!
    I hope that your motion sickness goes away soon. I would think it would dissipate by now. Maybe you should see a doctor?

  3. The time sure did go by fast Bev!
    It was everything I expected in my vacation and a whole lot more. I am still looking through my trinkets and treasures I got in Mexico. I miss Cricket Bob and Art too. was MY pleasure to get to know you. Cruising is a pretty hectic vacation, but we sure had fun! We'll have to do that again.

  4. Playa Del Carmen had a Senor Frog's too. They really know how too make their cartoon animal mascots look psychotic, don't they?

    I have a friend named Cricket Brad. How weird is that? Brad once mistook a jar of freeze dried crickets for a regular snack. Do something like that once and it will haunt you for the rest of your life.

  5. Maybe Senor Frog's is like the Hard Rock Cafe of Mexico, we didn't go inside cause the music was loud enough out in the!
    I like the nicknames all your friends have. We aren't that creative over here in MI...but then I haven't seen anyone eat crickets either. Although my sister has a Mini Schnauzer (black) who we call Cricket Bob. Now that's really wierd.
    Thanks for stopping by...come back anytime Cathy!