Monday, February 23, 2009

I'm dreaming of sun and fun

Yep, that's gonna be me in about 4 days. I've been
waiting for this cruise to get here for months and
then wham! over night, I'm feeling rushed and running
out of time to get things together. I have to iron and pack.
Pull out ALL my clothes and then put half of them back..
Pick out beads, and tools, make lists and lists and
more lists because I've misplaced the first lists...nuts!
I am so excited about leaving this Michigan weather
and getting warm with family and friends in New Orleans.
I'm dreaming of jambalaya and debris sandwiches
at Mothers. Staying with my sister and her husband
and of course Cricket, my buddy. I remember the first
year he tried to climb in my suitcase and go with us.
What a sweetheart he is.
We got a trip to Turquoise Coyote planned. I love that bead
store. After the first rush in the Big Easy, then it'll be fun
and sun on the ship cruising to Mexico, meeting new beaders
and teachers. Rekindling past friendships. I'm gonna take
lots of pictures. Everywhere I go. We're thinking about
seeing the ruins on Belize, laying on the beaches or by
pool. And a massage...with hot rocks...absolutely the


  1. sounds like a plan! I can not wait to see you on Friday. I can't believe it's almost time to go. Hmm, how many good blackmail pictures will I get of you THIS year?

  2. Happy Cruising! I look forward to all the pictures when you get back!

    BTW, I'm a bead sponsor and proud of it!

  3. Let's see Heather, maybe I'll get some blackmail pics of you this year...hahahaha!

    And thank you Erin so very much for being a sponsor for the cruise! The gift bags and door prizes are the a part of what makes this cruise so much fun!

    This is word verification is "packin"
    Maybe I should get going?

  4. Have a wonderful trip. Will be thinking of you enjoying all the beading and fun in the sun.