Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Well shut my mouth, PEEPS!

What do you give the girl that has everything for Christmas?
You give her plush peeps. I love Peeps, I wait for Easter to come
because I know I get to treat myself to those pure sugar confections.
Its like eating sugar from the sugar bowl. Sometimes my Momma
buys them for me, isn't she special? I only buy one box, honestly.
My friend Tammi gave them to me, Bev pointed them out to her
on a shopping trip. Thanks Tammi...that's so SWEET. I also got
2 very cool pairs of fingerless mitts that Bev made me,and she gave
me a bead mat that folds up to hold your seed bead projects.
Beads from Heather...yummy. A digital picture frame from
Hubby that I have been begging for...everybody gave him
suggestions and this was one year he really listened!
Geary has this thing about not giving me something that I
might know about. An apple pie from Amiee.
A candle from Jerusalem that my mom got me.
AND I've had lots of time to spend with my family.
Beverly heads back to New Orleans today. Its sad, but I know it
won't be long and we will all be sailing the Seven Seas on the
Bead Cruise. We made a trip to the bead store yesterday and all
made a bracelet when we got back. Its fun to sit and bead with the
whole family. Amiee made her first bracelet ever and Heather was
finessing her Ndebele techniques.
I'll take more pictures later for show and tell.


  1. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you and yours! Sounds like you had a fun holiday and got what you wanted! I hope to make the Bead Cruise some year!

    Thank you for stopping by my shop today and purchasing! I really appreciate it. I'll be adding you to my blog list.

  2. We had the best time. I can't wait for the end of February to get here and the bead cruise.
    Happy New Year!!
    Love and hugs
    Your sister

  3. Erin, I'm warning you that you can't do one cruise, its so much fun you'll want to go every year. Heather is a wonderful cruise director and she has the show down pat now. We have so much fun!