Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tannenbaums and Elf Shelves

Trying to put up the Christmas tree. That is gonna be a slow process.
seeing how my back has been out for over a week now. We did bring
it in and sat it up, this is the second year using a fake one that I said I
would never do. But this has all the lights on it already and looks
pretty close to the real thing. It just doesn't smell like pine, but I can
burn a candle or two if I want. While I was putting on some of the
ornaments I remembered these little boxes I bought last year. I got
them to put in the branches of the tree that had openings. Good
old Martha Stewart calls them "Elf Shelves". What a clever idea.
I know Martha can't possibly come up with all these ideas on her own,
if she does she's one smart ass bitch and deserves to be a billionaire.
Don't get me wrong, I was Martha wanna be at one time...
way to stressful for me. But I do watch her show and I love her
website and yes, once in a while I'll get a magazine. So off I go to
put ornaments on one bough at a time;^}


  1. Martha Stewart has nothing on you and Heather. You girls are the Queens of decorating. I can't wait to see your Tree!

  2. That's right, she can't hold a candle to us...hahaha!