Monday, December 8, 2008

Another give away!

Alrighty now, I want to give another dove away! Cause
I think they are so darn cute and someone else should
have one too. But before I get to the question for the
give away I want to show this sheep ornament I got
at the craft show this weekend. It was so cute!
Just look at that little face. I'm thinking about raising
sheep one of these days. Just a couple for fun. Fun?
Anyway it'll look good on my tree.
Now for the question....What's your favorite Christmas
decoration that you love to put out year after year?
Below is my most favorite, its a Father Christmas that
was made by a doll artist from Grand Rapids.
Her name is Connie Masten. She doesn't have a website
that I could find I bought him at a craft show at
Cook Nuclear Power Plant in 1995. Way before 911,
cause now you can't drive pass the gate.

Any way she sculpted his face out of clay, looks so
real. His coat and mittens are hand knitted by her.
The card states ,"that the peacock and crown design
was found on a glove knitted for a British lord.
The date 1833 was also knitted into the glove."
The coat is a beautiful navy flecked with red and

cream colored designs. He has a beard of curly
sheep roving, its so soft and looks so real,
there's even a twinkle in his eyes.
The basket is full of miniature wooden toys.
I have to describe him, cause my pictures didn't
turn out like I hoped they would. It was a tricky day
for me. So, I will draw another name on Saturday,
tell me what your favorite Christmas decoration is
and you might be the one to win a dove.


  1. That little sheep is so darn cute. As soon as I saw Father Christmas I remembered the show and when you bought it. Such a wonderful piece of art to display for the holidays.
    I don't have a favorite ornament.
    This year it is our snowman with lights inside, coal for eyes, black hat and scarf with twigs for his arms. Art saw him the store and had to bring him home

  2. My favorite ornament is a crocheted angel that my mom made for me my first year in college. jess shakes his head every time i pull it out!

  3. I have some of those angels too!
    And a tree topper that I put on my tree every year, actually all the things your mom made me are the first things I put on the tree.