Thursday, October 16, 2008

Harvest Fun and Tailgate Parties

I've been playing with Humblebeads lately. These are a couple of
her new designs for beads. Love the Harvest set, it really goes well
with copper findings. The purple ones above are from her new
Branches series. Love the color purple! What I love the best about
Heather's beads are that they are so lightweight you hardly know you
have them on. Love, love, love...are you feeling it Heather?
Anyway that's why I always put rubber backs on mine when
I wear them. Speaking of Humblebeads, she's come up with some of
cutest new critters...a hedgehog, a squirrel and a purple martin bird.
I'm counting down the days before our Tailgate party(2). I have some
serious straightening and cleaning to do. The weather is looking
chilly so I think we'll be having it in the garage and the house. We
decided to not go to the haunted corn maze. $17 bucks a person
is kind of a lot of money to get the shit scared out of you.
Besides I have night blindness and seeing much in the dark is almost
impossible. I think I could really hurt myself or the people around me.
And being that I am usually the one that gets hurt, I don't feel bad
about us not going. So we are pulling out the decks of cards and
quarters...winning money, now that's something I'm kind of good at!


  1. I love them!

    30, I wish I was in that guest list. Whine, whine!!! I know Ray is looking forward to coming over.

  2. I wish you could be here too! I'll take lots of pictures and Flickr them for you!