Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bailey the Magnificent Leaf Magnet!

It's like magic...the way leaves stick to Bailey's head. Dozens of
them and they always end up in the house, in the car, even in my bed.
She is a leaf magnet. Sometimes there are as many as three or four
stuck to her chin. But they don't bother her a bit. I can usually find
her with her face stuck into a pile sniffing for something good I'm sure.
After a couple of days she smells like an old wet pile of leaves. That's
my girl! We had a great weekend, lots of food for our tailgate party.
It was a perfect Fall day. Monday I go with my sister and niece to
check out a prospective college for next year. It's hard to believe
she's graduating.


  1. Bailey is Magnificent!! Thanks for the pictures of the grandbabies. It is hard to believe K will be going to college next year!

  2. I LOVE your dog! I also have a Schnauzer female named Bailey...


  3. Cristi, I hope you have as much fun with her as I do with my girl.
    No Easy Beads (my sister) has a schnauzer too. His name is Cricket and he's a hoot!

  4. Oh, I love my girl as well! When I got her she fit in the palm of my hand. Now she's 5 and loves laps, barking ALOT and playing fetch.