Monday, July 14, 2008

Beads and Family

Just some special purchases that came in the mail today. The
Mary Harding pendants I got last week. They are just beautiful!
The middle row are some really sweet little pendants are from
Jesse Janes shop. Scrabble pendant tiles and they are on sale buy
2 get 1 free. Last but not least Humblebeads. I love the Tiger Lily
beads. The Dandelion is beautiful too. I hope she keeps this line of
beads going for a long time. Lots of detail in them and I'm sure her time.
Speaking of Heather, I am waiting here for the time to pass so I can
go to South Bend and pick everyone up at the airport. My Mom's
coming in at 10 from New Orleans, and Heather and the girls are
right behind them at 11:30. Bev is coming tomorrow from New Orleans too.
We are gonna have such a great time. Hopefully next week Melanie
from Earthenwood will come and spend a day or two. Heather and her
have been friends for many years and have never seen each other.
I'm even straightening the back bedroom...
(if you know me, you know my room and why its a big deal).

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