Sunday, June 15, 2008

UKC Show

I had the best fun yesterday and unfortunately I have
no proof of it. How did I leave the house without taking
my camera? By the time I realized it, I was too far down
the road to do anything about it. We spent the day at
the Kalamazoo Fairgrounds watching all the dogs at the
UKC Premiere Dog Show. There were Agility contests,
Obedience, and the Dog Judging classes. And all these
Dock Jumping Loved it!

Weight Pulling

Terrier Races How did I miss this?

Sue, Kayla and I saw all the different types of
breeds that you don't normally get to see anywhere.
The really fun thing about the United Kennel Club
is its for ordinary everyday people owners. If you
know what I mean. But one disappointing thing
was the lack of Mini Schnauzers. Speaking of which
my girl Bailey is doing pretty good. I have to keep
her down for 10 more days and by then the poison
should have left her system. She is still feeling
punished, as I won't let her do anything, but she
loves me just the same. That's what dogs do, love you
unconditionally forever no matter what........

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