Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday, Monday

Yesterday we had some stormy weather, the kind of thunderstorms
that I like. They just blow up out of nowhere. I like to lay in the grass
and watch the clouds explode into giant mushrooms. Then when the
lightning strikes too close I get up and run for cover. One of these days
I might not be so lucky as to not be hit by one of them. I feel like I
dodge a bullet every once in a while.
But today is absolutely gorgeous! There is zero humidity and the breeze
is almost too cool. SHUT UP! I didn't just say that did I? Anyway,
the windows are opened and the house is airing out.
Love it, love it, love it!
Bailey got to play outside for a while yesterday. I think she is gonna
need an exercise program after she recovers. She looks like she's
just about ready to stick an apple in her mouth. Part of that is because
she is in desperate need of a grooming.

Since it is so beautiful outside I took pictures of these pieces that
I purchased from Chinook Jewelry. I had money that I put aside
from the B and B. I had made up my mind I was gonna get these
before I went to the show, and I forgot my list of vendors that
I wanted to get to look at...that worked out just fine because these
are just beautiful. Mellisa ships really fast too. Thank you!
My favorites are the seashell buttons, and the music sheets, and the
puppy paws, and.....;^O , oh all of them are great.
I'm off to enjoy the day. Hope you all have a great one too!


  1. It looks like beautiful weather in Michigan. I am melting and Mom is wearing her sweater!! Glad to see Bailey is doing better. Those beads look yummy!

  2. It's just a yummy Monday all the way around. I feel for you in the heat...I don't know what to say about Kayla is so nervous about how she's gonna handle the heat in MS next week.
    Keep them all in your thoughts.

  3. Your picture of the pendants turned out great! I'm so glad you like your pendants and I can't wait to see what you do with them!
    (more goodies are in the mail for you today)

  4. Glad you stopped by for a look Melissa. I'll post some things as soon as I get them done. Right now all I have time to do is look at

  5. I love the new look on your blog.
    Very crisp and clean.

  6. I was thinking that black was just too sorrowful. Glad you like it, it makes me feel happier too!