Monday, June 9, 2008

My Treasures

Okie Dokie...I promised I would show my goodies
I got at the Bead and Button Show. I didn't take many
pictures while I was hands were too busy
touching all the beads on every one's tables. IMO I
didn't think there were many people there. But we
were there on Friday, maybe the weekend was better.
Bev and I hung around Melanie at Earthenwood Studios.
She did demos at Vintaj using a combination of her
beads and their brass. Beautiful things!
I love the "earthy" qualities of her beads. Probably how her
business got its name. Dah! Anyway we had a lot of fun
visiting with her. She is such a nice person.

I found a few great looking strands of pearls. Speaking of
which Art Bead Scene's monthly challenge is called
"Pearls of Wisdom". Check it out and if you have a design or
two to enter, you should do it. They have great give aways
to the winners.

I guess this time around I was pretty cautious about
how I spent money. I think I finally have enough...NOT!
I met a lot of people, especially from Michigan. In fact
one from the South Haven area. A PMC artist from around
Three Rivers. We are gonna get together for some beady
fun this summer. I'm excited...
We also met a woman all the way from Australia.
She flew 14 hours just to L.A., how nuts is that?
She was shopping for her business. There was another
woman from Ontario who lives at the very far end closest to
the North Pole, raises Icelandic sheep.
Another fun thing that happened was Bev and I went to
talk to people about sponsoring the Bead Cruise 2009 and
there happened to be the last three women who signed up
standing there. One was going for her birthday and she
talked her two friends into going with her.
Bev was wearing The Queen of Denial necklace that
she's teaching. It just made it seem more real and
exciting to the women. All in all, I had a very good time.
There was even a tornado in Milwaukee, but no one
knew and just kept shopping. Nothing can stop us
bead shoppers...didn't even hear the sirens going off.
To top the evening off Beverly and I went a spent a
little time with Dona Anderson. She has some great new
beading projects going. Handle It is a really nice bracelet.
She is a special person and I am blessed to know her.
So that's my trip to Milwaukee...more pictures are on my
Flickr page. I'm off to put the inspiration I was bombarded
with to some use. Night!


  1. I checked in with Melanie at Earthenwood Studios several times at the show, as we're getting to know each other through various blogs. She's such a fabulous gal and a talented artist and jewelrymaker. Would have loved to have met you as well.

    Hope you can make the Bead & Button show next year too! The 2009 show dates are May 31 through June 7; the show floor will be open June 5-7. Online class registration opens January 13. Visit to register for show news updates.

    Warmest regards,
    Linda Augsburg

  2. You can bet Linda...I will be there next year. I haven't missed but maybe one since you've been in Milwaukee. It's the highlight of my summer! My sister usually comes up from New Orleans (Beverly Herman aka NoEasyBeads). Best part for me is meeting the people that you know from blogs or business. I love to putting faces with the names.

  3. And you and Bev didn't try to find me or Marcia??????

    Hope you had a blast at the show - sounds like it. I loved it. My goodies picture is on my blog.

  4. Sorry Liz...we were limited on time and overwhelmed by all the beads (as we usually
    I haven't seen the whole show in years. Maybe next year I'll take a day or two more. I blame it on Bailey...the dog who eats everything that won't eat her first. Going to your blog right now....