Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I was an April Fool

After spending most of the day warning people
not to be an April Fool, I let myself be made one.
How could that happen you wonder? Because its
usually the ones you love and trust the most...that
are able to fool you, like my dear husband!
I was at work and he called me up, he was so excited.
Telling me I was one of the luckiest persons he knew,
there was an email saying that a bead I was betting
on in Ebay, was gonna be mine, but that I won it in
a drawing and it was going to be mine for free...
MINE? FREE? REALLY? How cool is that?
Because I have been really lucky lately in the give away
department I was sucked right up into believing him.
But then came the goofy laugh and the "April Fools"...
no not really a winner, hahahaha!

I hate looking silly!!


  1. That was a mean April Fool's joke!
    You are a winner in my book

  2. It was mean, wasn't it? But you know Geary's sense of humor. He better look out...Getting even is just as much!