Friday, February 15, 2008

What happened to most of February?

Wow, I can't believe I haven't put anything down for two
weeks. Must be because nothing changed, we've had snow,
snow and more snow. I've worked a little on getting my
Etsy shop going....2ndhandrose. Just got my avitar done,
(thank you sister Bevvie for all your help with that)
business cards were here, but printed wrong, so that's another
half a week coming. Then I just need to upload pictures and
I will be good to go! Some knitted scarves, hand knotted
double fleece blankets ( I have been hiding under one for days)
really warm and cosy.
In exactly two weeks I will be flying to Fort Lauderdale and
then cruising the ocean blue with the Bead Cruise 2008 girls.
I have been looking forward to that since I got off the boat
from the 2007 cruise!
I do have a project I am working on, it has a butterfly theme.
As soon as I get it finished I'll post that too. And something
called Tit Bits and Cotton Boobs, making prostetics for women
made from yarn.
Keep warm everyone! I feel Spring in the air!

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