Sunday, February 17, 2008

I Have This Thing For...


The other night I was wandering through Etsy...
My all time favorite place to shop...Ebay who?
Anyway I found these cigar boxes. Now, next to buying
beads, or yarns, or other crafty related stuff. Storage
containers probably run next on my list. I know I'm not
alone, I've seen what other people have ;^)
Anyway, thebeadboxman has made the best
storage/display boxes I've seen in a while.
So I bought this one. Look at how he did the dividers...
Dan has a lot of great ones that he makes from cigar
boxes, not the cheap paper kind, but nice wooden ones.
He also does the inside of the boxes to store/display
lampwork beads.

So if you want something to store your treasure beads,
or collector stuff go check out the beadboxman.

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