Monday, January 14, 2008


My box of goodies from the crafters in Texas came today!
Thanks to everyone and especially Milly, who put it n the
mail for me. So many great things, lots of shopping specials,
and was great! I see many hours roaming through
ETSY looking at every one's shops. There were soap samples
(Sassy Soaps n Such), a solid lotion sample
(Serenity Soapworks), a really creamy lip gloss that
tastes like banana - yummy-The Polly Wog Patch( Art Spot).
Paper products, pins, beads, I could go on and on...oh,
and a really nice pair of earrings (bijoujuju). I love crystals!
So, remember you Etsy shoppers and you who haven't
had the pleasure of shopping at Etsy...the first Monday
of the month is Texas Crafters First Monday Sale...
buy from a Texas crafter and your name gets put in a
drawing for a Taste of Texas goody box.

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