Saturday, December 15, 2007

An After Thought

I know I previously made a statement that
I was going to pledge to buy handmade this year.
Which I have no trouble with that...especially since
everything you pick up in the store is made in
China or some other country on the other side
of the world. But today I spent the afternoon in
our small town and I was totally amazed at the
lack of people anywhere. Unbeleiveable! The
weather was perfect so I'm assuming that
everyone had gone out of town. So I went home,
(I did some shopping a local shop-Decadent Dogs).
I was talking to my husband about it and he told
me of a commercial he heard on TV about
shopping locally. One of the things they had
brought up was that you can't complain about how
the local merchants in your town don't support
your kids fund raisers with money or items to
help raise money. Why should they and how can
they if you aren't supporting them? So they are a
little more expensive than the other Big Name
Stores...they have to be...they can't buy the same
large quantities that the big stores do. So maybe
it should be Support Your Local Business' and Buy
Handmade! I know its a little late for this season,
but I'm gonna keep it in mind for next year!
Merry Christmas everyone!!!


  1. I totally relate to this! I think that buying locally from small mom and pop shows is second best to buying handmade! And then for me in third place is buying something that does good for others or the planet (something fair trade, organic, or union made)

    I think its all about thinking about the money we spend and where it goes.

    sigh, I can't justfify buying that electronic gadget for my dad now, but I got him some handmade things too, so maybe it balances...?

  2. Your right about thinking about where we spend our money and on what. I am in charge of the rummage sale at Church and it is amazing all the STUFF people acquire (I for one am quilty of that!) Can't get away from electronic stuff though, its the world we live in:-) I am trying to go greener...Merry Christmas Melanie!