Sunday, November 18, 2007


I know its kind of early for Thanksgiving blessings.
But I have to send them out early this year.
Monday I have surgery done on my right hand,
I have multiple trigger fingers going on. In case
your wondering what a trigger finger is, its when
you clench your hand and the fingers won't open,
then they pop and straighten themselves out.
My thumb, pointer, and middle finger all decided
to go at once. In a way its a good thing, at least I
don't have to go for three different surgeries. We
tried the cortisone shots, but they lasted 6 months,
about what the doctor predicted. "Lucky" me,
when I saw the Doctor on Friday he had a
cancellation on Monday, so I'm the filler patient. I
wanted it done before the first of the year for
insurance reasons..careful what you ask!

So here's my list of things I'm thankful for, not
necessarily in this order ;^)
but I'm Thankful for them just the same.

* The Lord God, our Heavenly Father,
who sees fit to bless me on a dailey basis.
* My health, I know of so many people
who are going through some tough times.
* My husband, son, and daughter.
* My family, even though we can't all be
together, we are still close together.
* Our business that is still going strong,
even though so many around us are failing.
* The above being said, I'm thankful to have
a job to go to, and a steady income.
* Great friends and nieghbors.

So God Bless you all and have a safe and
happy holiday! *Rosanne*

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