Monday, November 19, 2007

Five Finger Mummy

Here I am waving hello, the surgery went really
well. In fact it was all so fast I didn't even have
time to get nervous. I woke up with a headache
before we left (lack of caffeine and dehydration)?
Anyway, my head was pounding away when I
went into the operating room, and the
Anestistigiologist said he was going to give me
something to take my headache away. Next thing
I knew I was being woke up and asking if they were
really done already. Unbelievable! I still not feeling
much pain (that's a good thing). Learning to use
left hand is something else. Very backwards...


  1. Rosanne, I am saying prayers for your right hand. It looks a little sore. Read a book and rest.
    Love and hugs,
    Your sister

  2. Got a good book on CD by Janet
    Evanovich...that will keep me occupied.