Friday, September 7, 2007

Copper Moon

Finally after three days and I don't know how
many pictures, I managed to get one that looked
halfway decent. I'm thinking that its the metallic
beads that make it hard to get a good picture of.
Most of the time it was blurry...
Anyway, this is a bracelet I have done for my sister
Susan. The focal face is a raku bead from RAMA
(Emerald's Beads). A couple of rose montes and
czech stars sewn in with lots of coppery seed beads.
The background is adhered to a copper ultra suede.
A nice warm autumn look.


  1. Susie is going to love her new bracelet. The stars are perfect around the raku face. I know the rose montees add quite a sparkle.
    Now you have two lucky sisters who have cuff bracelets!!

  2. I'm the lucky one...I am blessed with two sisters to give them too!

  3. That is so beautiful.
    And what a wonderful sister you are to do this for her.

  4. Wonderful design and a great gift idea. Your sister will love it!

    Kathy V in NM