Thursday, May 14, 2009

Have I got your attention? Giving away...

Ok everyone, I have something fun to give away! (Wicked fun!)
Carolyn Driver from Blue Heeler Glass sent some beads
my way. I have been buying her beads for a long time, back
when she and her husband Chuck were living in Alaska...
1998 or so. Anyway these little beauties are here for your
taking. And I'm holding them in my hand just loving the
summer colors!
Carolyn had titled this series I did a little research
and found some things I really didn't know. Calypso was a
sea nymph in Greek Mythology, the daughter of Atlas.
She desired to make Odysseus (Ulysses) her immortal
husband. She bore him two children, but had to release
him when Zeus told her too, so he could return to his wife.
So with that little bit of information for you to think on,
here is how you can go about getting these beads.
All I would like you to do is leave a comment and a link
to your blog showing this give away. I will draw a random
number on Friday May 22. Good luck to everyone!
Thanks Lori for your help!


  1. YAY! Love giveaways. I've spread the word on my blog:

  2. I posted it just now! Thanks for the chance to win the beads! I love other people's lampwork beads!

  3. Ooooh, I love these beads! Thanks for the contest, here's the post on my blog:

  4. Great giveaway...surprised you could let these go. :-) I've posted this on my blog!!!

  5. I made a post about your great give-away. Wow there is going to be one lucky winner who gets those beads!

  6. Oh boy, gorgeous beads! Please enter me. I posted about the giveaway here

  7. Gorgeous!!When I saw the beads the sunrise on the beaches of my Island, Puerto Rico, came to my mind.

    See the post about it on my blog:

    Mari Aparicio

  8. These are gorgeous beads! I hope I win! Here's my link to your fabulous offer:

  9. Love this idea - since I gave up my website - this may be a great way to get myself out there! Here's my blog link - thanks for the fun opportunity!

  10. Wow, what an incredible prize, thank you!

    Just today I am inspired by fiber work I saw on a t.v. jewelry show so I was very happy to find you via Lorelei's blog.

    You'll find my announcement by clicking my name, RockerJewlz or by going to:

  11. I would love to win these, they are beautiful!
    You can check my blog for my post on this giveaway.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Well I can see this is going to be stiff competition! What a great prize, thank you :)

    Here's my bloggy post about the giveaway:

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  14. These are lovely! Thanks for the giveaway. Here is my link:

  15. Thanks for the chance to win those beautiful beads! I blogged here:

  16. Those are fantastic beads. The bright colours are lovely. Check out my blog i will add a link...

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  18. Oh my these are GORGEOUS! Ideas swirling around my head :)

    Here's my link:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  19. Beautifully delicious colors. I'd love to be entered in this giveaway. Thanks for your generosity.
    Here's the link to my blog~ Denise

  20. Hooray for giveaways. I'm off to post about it on my blog

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  22. Love giveaways. These would go great with some of my new glazes for my porcelain pendants. I have posted a link to my blog. Check out my blog at

  23. WWWWHHHHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO who doesnt want free beads!!!!! Give away is posted on my blog

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  25. I spread the work on my blog tooo!!!!
    Beautiful colors!!

  26. OK, I'm a little late to the game, but sign me up, please :o)

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