Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bead Cruise Part Two

First on shore adventure I went on was shopping in St. Thomas.
We left the boat and were herded like cattle onto these shuttle
bus/taxis. Of course they try to squeeze as many people on as
they can.
Beverly and our new international friend Hennie. She flew all
the way over from the Netherlands. Hennie was an absolute
sweetheart and we all were amazed at her designs. She made
some of the wildest necklaces.

Her fish one was made from fish found at a children's toy
store. Loved it!

So about half way to downtown the drivers pulls over to
the side of the road. I think he was dropping people off to
the beach, but it felt like if you didn't pay you were gonna
be left in the middle of nowhere. Joke on us, people got
out, he took our money and drove us on to town.

Main street was full of all kinds of jewelry stores. If you
wanted diamonds you were at the right island. There were
camera stores, ( I got a nice new one at a good price), and
lots of liquor stores. But we got directions to the island's
only bead store. You just turned down an alley (that in any
big city in the state I would avoid) and you found all these
little shops.
And yes we found the bead store. We Americans are so
spoiled. There was mostly Venetian glass and few odd beads.
We have so much more variety to choose from, so lucky!
Tomorrow a tribute to the sponsors of the 2010 cruise. They
really rock!


  1. Your photos are all so colourful! I think I need that right now as it is quite gloomy here. Unusual for W TX winter. I love hearing about your trip. It sounds so much fun.

  2. Lovely photos, Rosanne! That fish necklace is great!!

  3. that was a fun day, i loved the little alley with the shops. it was pretty there with all the hanging plants. we weren't in need of beads, bello modo was so fun to shop with!