Saturday, October 17, 2009

Autumn surprises and The Bead Shop

Wednesday I took the morning and drove to have my yearly
mammogram. It was a very cool and rainy day, but just enough
sun to brighten the colors a little. So I took some autumn shots
to share.

The beautiful red oak tree in front of our house. The maples
are holding on as long as they can, already in three days they
are turning yellow and falling off. I remember one fall sitting
in my living room looking at a tree in our front y ard
and the very last leaf that was on it let go and fluttered softly
to the ground. I could almost hear its sad sigh....
ok, that's a little deep even for

Our country roads.

My neighbors beautiful burning bush. It has to be as big
as a mini van. And even more red when the sun shines on
it. Ours are being ravaged by the deer who love the tender
little nubs at the end.

Dried soy bean fields ready to be harvested and colored woods.
So while I was in Kazoo, I thought I would look around at
a couple of shops (Michael's, Barnes and Nobles).
I drove past this bead store that I have been to a couple of
times, but I must say that it just wasn't stocked with much
that I was interested in, everything was crowded, and it was
way too dark inside. So in passing by I noticed that there
was more light and it looked different. So I went around the
block and stopped. Imagine my surprise when I walked in.
Someone had been cleaning the place up. There was a wall
of chains! Great displays of glass beads! Strands of stones.
Lots of metal charms, wood and bone. If you have a tax
I.D. you can get a discount of 10% off.

ANTIQUE COPPER! And at a reasonable price too. Look
at those little leaves.

Brass and bright copper chain, Czech glass.

More glass that was just beautiful. Little glass lentils, and
wooden beads. There was bone, ceramic and I could just
go on and on.
Up close of my favorite glass beads. I was like a kid in a
candy store. So if you get to Kalamazoo and need to buy
beads, stop by Cindy's shop, The Bead Store on Westnedge.
You won't be disappointed that's for sure. Her daughter
is there to help and she's a sweetie!


  1. So pretty. We have about 2 days of autumn here. In Australia we had no days of autumn. I do miss northern autumn. It's so nice to get a bit of it from you!

  2. Yep, this is my favorite time of year. Love all the colors and cool weather. Except tonight I am freezing and can't warm up at all.
    Gonna take Rubee Dew and cuddle up in a blanket. That should help.
    Are you originally from Australia?

  3. Thanks for the pictures of the color change. I know when I get there the leaves will off the trees. Maybe we can fit in a trip to the bead store.
    You picked up some beautiful treasure!

  4. beautiful photos! and the beads are lovely

  5. Wow, that burning bush is amazing! The beads look fun too. I like the acorns:)

  6. Love that burning bush! Perfect name for it really. Up here in Vancouver, we are fortunate to get all the seasons, including beautiful Falls. This year's seems too be slipping away too fast.

    The beads and copper are fabulous! Would love to have a big pile of those supplies on my desk right now. Would go perfect with some of my polymer clay beads!

  7. Cindy I love that bush too, they also have a line of cherry trees and the blossoms are so pink in the spring. I love those two seasons the best. And copper has become my favorite metal this fall.

  8. Hope your appointment went well. What a fun trip to the bead store in Kzoo! One of my favorite places to be the fall. I loved the cobblestone road at Kzoo college during autumn :)

    That burning bush is amazing by the way.